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ISAW EXtreme firmware

ISAW EXtreme firmware

Last firmware version: 3.0.3 ( release 29 july 2014 )

Update instructions: 
- Place a fully charged battery
- Place a working MicroSD card (please do -not- use a 32gb/64gb SDXC card for upgrading!)
Download the ISAW EXtreme firmware 3.0.3
- Extract the file and place "A3_firmware.UGF" within the root of the MicroSD card placed in the ISAW EXtreme through the USB cable
- Safely disconnect the ISAW EXtreme and press the REC / ON / OFF button for 5 seconds. The camera will say it is upgrading the firmware.
- The camera will reboot after a succesfull upgrade. After that, the camera is ready for use again.

Be aware! Starting from V.3.0.1, you must upgrade your ISAW Remote to the V1.6.5 firmware or a more recent version if you want to use the remote controller.

Software Release Note 


Firmware 3.0.3 (29 july 2014)
download firmware 3.0.3



- Brighter exposure when filming in inverted light mode.
- Improvement of sound recording
- Fixed some minor bugs

2. Wifi Remote controller

- Starting from V.3.0.1, you must upgrade to the V1.6.5 firmware or a more recent version if you want to use the remote controller.
- For more information about the upgrade of the remote firmware please refer to the dedicated section.


Firmware 3.0.1(r) (maart 2014)
download firmware 3.0.1(r) 



1) VIDEO LOOP feature added
- Currently the recording would stop once the memory card was filled.
- We have added a feature to enable overwriting for a continuous recording, suitable for use as black box.
- When using the LOOP feature, once the card is filled the camera overwrites the oldest file present on the memory card
- Enable LOOP in the settings to use the feature.
* The LOOP feature can only be activated with 10% of available space or more on the memory card.
* If the LOOP feature doesn’t work, try to make space on the memory card and try again (10% or more of available space is required)
* Since using the LOOP overwrites existing files. Be sure to back up important files before using it.

2) 60 Fps quality upgrade
- There was a slight drop in quality of image when switching from 30 fps to 60 fps and so we have resolved this issue
- Image quality in 1080p 60fps in MED FOV and NARROW FOV was improved.
- Image quality in 720p 60fps in MED FOV and NARROW FOV was improved
- When using 1080p / 720p 60fps in MED/NARROW it will be displayed in RED in the LCD.
* Only for MEDIUM and NARROW definition.
* The FOV/definition setting is displayed on the LCD with an icon.
* The improvement only concerns the 60 fps frame rate.

3) Auto-start recording
- After switching the camera on, it’s now possible to have the recording start automatically after a preset count down.
- 0 sec: starts right after the camera is switched on.
- 5 sec: starts right 5 seconds after the camera is switched on.
- 10 sec: starts right 10 seconds after the camera is switched on.
- The setting is found under the VIDEO section of the settings.
- When this feature is enabled. it is displayed with a stopwatch on the LCD screen.

4) AE Meter
- Depending on your subject and the environment you can adjust the light exposure. (Center / Average / Spot)
- Center: default setting. Focus more on the center than Average
- Spot: When shooting an exposed subject in a dark environment this setting focus on the spot to set the level of exposure
- Average: based on the average exposure of all the frame.
* Default setting is center
* Spot is useful when filming the outside of the car from the inside in daytime.
* When filming the inside of a vehicle while being inside as well, use the center setting.

2. Additional improvements

1) When charging, after 3 minutes of inactivity the icon will disappear. It will reappear if you press any button again.
2) After 1 hour of inactivity the LCD will be turned off. You can turn it back on by pressing any button.
3) START and STOP now have 2 different buzz so you can differentiate them.
4) We have improved the exposure when shooting in inverted light.
5) When using an external microphone, stereo recording is now available.

3. Improvement of the file creation.

- When a file gets bigger than 3.8GBthe file renaming was inconvenient.
- This was corrected with the new firmware and even when recording a file bigger than 3.8Gb the file won’t be renamed..

4. Wifi Remote controller

- Starting from V.3.0.1, you must upgrade to the V1.6.5 firmware or a more recent version if you want to use the remote controller.
- For more information about the upgrade of the remote firmware please refer to the dedicated section.

Firmware 2.0.9 (maart 2014)
download firmware 2.0.4b 


1. Improvement


  - Bug fixes for WiFi Remote
  - Time-lapse video function added again (was missing in 2.0.4) 


2. Adjustments

Firmware 2.0.4 (27 december 2013)
download firmware 2.0.4b 

1. Improvement

  - Prepares ISAW EXtreme for the WiFi Remote

2. Adjustments

Firmware 1.1.7b (22 oktober 2013)
download firmware 1.1.7b 

1. Improvement

  - Improved exposure rate of change -> accelerated rate of change of the exposure
  - Improved photo feature -> Improved exposure and quality photos
  - Improved color -> Improved night image and reduce red color temperature.
  - Increase the TV OSD menu ON / OFF (default is "off")
  - Improved shutdown, buzzer and LED status (changed from 3 to 6 times) -> POWER ON / OFF users are more easily identified.

2. Adjustments
  - Adjustment When an external microphone is connected, the built-in microphone automatically turns off
  - Adjust the shooting angle setting is completed, even if the shutdown, still maintain the original settings.
  - Adjust the camera connection occurs when the BUG.

Firmware 1.1.4b (20 juli 2013)
download firmware 1.1.4b 

1. Improvement

- Implement 64GB (exFAT) memory card compatibility

- Revised Bug - FOV stays as set when power off

- Revised Bug - "No File' message when playback file


2. FILE SYSTEM Revision

- As we provide 64GB (exFAT) stabilization, there should be a change in file system.

- We used to have 'Video or Photo' folder inside of DCIM folder.

- In new FW, all video & photo files will be included in MEDIA folder in DCIM folder.

- Therefore, we unified file name as (ISAW + File Number + Format)




Previous Version

VIDEO folder is existed in DCIM folder




PHOTO folder is existed in DCIM folder




NEW Version

MEDIA folder is existed in DCIM folder. And MEDIA folder contains both mp4 & jpg file.


ISAW 0002.jpg

ISAW 0003.mp4

ISAW 0004.jpg

Firmware 1.0.2b

* Initial firmware of the first batch of ISAW EXtreme camera's.

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